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Our Wine List

 Old Firehouse Winery
(440) 466-9300

In order Sweet to Dry

SWEET CONCORD: The classic American grape explodes with full-flavored sweetness in this classic American red wine. Our sweetest "sipping" wine.
PINK CATAWBA: Well-balanced, semi-sweet sipping wine made from premium Lake Erie Catawba grapes.
GRAPE JAMBOREE: A Jamboree of flavor defines this semi-sweet, full-flavored Concord and Niagara Rose blend.
RASPBERRY REFLECTIONS: Our 25th Anniversary celebration wine! Light bodied blush wine, with real red raspberry juice infused into Lake Erie Cayuga grapes. Semi sweet with the essence of fresh raspberries.
SPICED APPLE: Sweet and lightly spiced with a mild blend of nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and other spices. Wonderful cool or warmed up for the Holidays.
FROSTY PEACH: A full-bodied, semi-sweet 100% fruit wine with the aroma and taste of fresh peaches.
LIGHTHOUSE NIAGARA: Pleasantly sweet white, with the aroma and flavor of fresh varietal grapes.
FIREHOUSE WHITE CATAWBA: Sweet, clean and exciting to the palate. This Gold Medal winning white Catawba is a pleasing smooth experience.
FIREHOUSE RED: Semi-sweet and fruity. This well-balanced red reflects the qualities of select blended Eastern varietal grapes.
REFLECTIONS of Lake Erie: Medium-bodied, semi-dry white and fruity melange of Lake Erie Chardonnay, Seyval, Vidal, Vignoles and Riesling.
LAKE EFFECT: This blend of Lake Erie French-American hybrids, Vidal Blanc and Seyval Blanc, proffers a crisp semi-dry white with a floral essence, a hint of apricots and star fruit.
CONCORD JUICE: 100% Juice, no alcohol full-bodied rich red juice that everyone can enjoy.
Firehouse Cellars (Premium Wines) In order Sweet to Dry
APPLE ICE: A true fruit ice wine developed from North American apples. This dessert wine has anectar-like apple flavor with a sweet finish.
PORT - #5 BIG ELI: A deliciously robust dessert wine, with rich sweet flavors and dark red hues; aged two years in oak. It's high alcohol content and fruit-forward heaviness goes well with sweet desserts, cheese, nuts and dried fruit.
SPUMANTE CHAMPAGNE: This semi-sweet, premium sparkler is produced in the same manner as the classical Italian Spumante. The sparkle, captured naturally during fermentation, compliments the fruity flavor.
LAKE ERIE RIESLING: A crisp European style white with a hint of sweetness and a pleasing essence of fruit.
CABERNET SAUVIGNON: Well-balanced blend of California Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Robust & drier, with a zesty aftertaste.
PINOT GRIS: Stainless fermented, semi-dry white wine with light floral notes, citrus aroma, and crisp finish. Also known as PINOT GRIGIO. Stock number: Firehouse Cel lars Premium
CHARDONNAY: The classic dry Lake Erie white with a velvety butter flavor accented by oak barrel aging.
CHAMBOURCIN: Rich and robust, this Lake Erie French hybrid is a full-bodied dry red that is best enjoyed at room temperature. Perfect with all beef dishes.