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1. I-90 Exit 212 Madison (Start)
2. Harpersfield Vineyard
3. Ferrante Winery & Ristorante (466-8466)
4. Old Mill Winery (466-5560)
5. The Lakehouse Inn Winery (466-8668)
6. Old Firehouse Winery (466-9300)
7. Biscotti's Family Winery (599-5555)
8. Buccia Vineyards (593-5976)
9. Markko Vineyard (593-3197)
10. Tarsitano Winery (224-2444)
11. Laurello Vineyards
12. South River Vineyard
13. Virant Family Vineyard (466-6279)
14. Chalet Debonne Vineyards (466-3485)
15. Claire's Grand River Winery (298-9838)
16. St. Joseph Vineyards (298-3709)
17. Maple Ridge Vineyard (298-3290)
18. Laleure Vineyards
19. Cicero Winery
20. DeLuca Vineyards
21. I-90 Exit 212 Madison (End)
All Telephone numbers use area code 440

  1.  	Exit I-90 at Madison Exit # 212: take SR-528 south 0.3 mi; left
        onto SR-307 (east) 3.3 mi to Harpersfield Vineyard (2), 6387 SR-307.
        Total: 3.3 mi.

  2.	From Harpersfield Vineyard: continue east on SR-307 1.4 mi to
        Ferrante Winery & Ristorante (3), 5585 SR-307.
        Total: 1.4 mi.

  3.	From Ferrante Winery & Ristorante: continue east on SR-307 0.7 mi
        to SR-534; left onto SR-534 (north) 2.8 mi to Old Mill Winery (4),
        403 S Broadway (SR-534).
	Total: 3.5 mi.

  4.	From Old Mill Winery: continue north on SR-534 4.5 mi to
        The Lakehouse Inn Winery (5), 5653 Lake Rd.
        Total: 4.5 mi.

  5.	From The Lakehouse Inn Winery: continue on SR-534 north thru S-curve
        (end of SR-534), into SR-531 east to Old Firehouse Winery (6),
        5499 Lake Rd.
        Total: 0.4 mi.

  6.	From Old Firehouse Winery: continue east on SR-531 along Lake Erie
        Shore Line for 20.9 mi to Whitney Rd; turn right 0.1 mi to Biscotti's
        Family Winery (7), 724 Whitney Rd.
        Total: 21.0 mi.

  7.	From Biscotti's Family Winery: back on Whitney Rd 0.1 mi to SR-531;
        turn left (back west) and go 1.6 mi to Salisbury Rd; turn left and
        go 0.7 mi to Gore Rd; turn right then another 0.7 mi to Buccia Vineyard
        (8), 518 Gore Rd.
        Total: 3.1 mi.

  8.	From Buccia Vineyard: go back 0.3 mi on Gore Rd to Amboy Rd; turn right
        go 1.3 mi to Creek Rd; turn left go 0.3 mi to Creek Rd. Covered Bridge;
        then 0.2 mi to Keefus Rd; turn right go 0.9 mi to S. Ridge Rd; right go
        1.3 mi to Markko Vineyard (9), 4500 S Ridge Rd.
        Total: 4.3 mi.

  9.	From Markko Vineyard: turn left out of driveway then quick right under
        Freeway heading south on Underridge Rd. 0.2 mi to State Rd; turn right
        and go 0.8 mi to State Road Covered Bridge; continue on State Rd. 0.2 mi
        to Hatches Corners Rd; turn left and go 0.5 mi to Tarsitano Winery (10),
        4871 Hatches Corner Rd.
        Total: 1.7 mi.

  10.	From Tarsitano Winery: back west on Hatches Corners Rd 0.5 mi to State Rd;
        turn left and go 1.5 mi to SR-84; turn right and go west 3.0 mi to
        SR-193 & I-90; take I-90 west 12.1 mi to Exit 235; turn left (south)
        onto SR-45 and go 0.9 mi to College St; turn right and go 0.6 mi to
        SR-307; bear right and go west 2.7 mi to Laurello Vineyards (11),
        4573 SR-307 E.
        Total: 21.3 mi.

  11.	From Laurello Vineyards: continue west on SR-307 1.3 mi to SR-534; cross
        over SR-534 and go 0.2 mi to Harpersfield Rd; turn left and go 0.3 mi to
        Harpersfield Covered Bridge; continue thru bridge south 0.6 mi to SR-534;
        turn right and go south 0.2 mi to S. River Rd; turn right and go 0.8 mi
        west to South River Vineyard (12), 6062 S River Rd.
        Total: 3.4 mi.

  12.	From South River Vineyard: continue west on S. River Rd. 1.4 mi to Atkins
        Rd; turn left and go 0.3 mi to Virant Family Winery (13), 541 Atkins Rd.
        Total: 1.7 mi.

  13.	From Virant Family Winery: back on Atkins Rd. 0.3 mi to S. River Rd; turn
        left (west) 0.8 mi to Chalet Debonne' Vineyards (14), 7743 Doty Rd.
        Total: 1.1 mi.

  14.	From Chalet Debonne' Vineyards: turn left out of parking lot heading west
        on Doty Rd 1.3 mi to Emerson Rd; turn left and go 0.1 mi to Griswold Rd;
        turn right, go 0.7 mi to SR-528; turn left (south) 1.3 mi to Claire's
        Grand River Winery (15), 5750 Madison Rd (SR-528).
        Total: 3.4 mi.

  15.	From Claire's Grand River Winery: continue south on SR-528 for 0.5 mi to
        St. Joseph Vineyard (16), 6060 Madison Rd (SR-528).
        Total: 0.5 mi.

  16.	From St. Joseph Vineyard: continue south on SR-528 0.3 mi to Moseley Rd;
        turn right, go 0.5 mi to Dewey Rd; turn left, go 0.2 mi to Maple Ridge
        Vineyard (17), 6326 Dewey Rd.
        Total: 1.0 mi.

  17.	From Maple Ridge Vineyard: back up Dewey Rd 0.2 mi to Moseley Rd; turn
        right and go 0.5 mi back to SR-528; turn right and head south on SR-528
        for 21.9 mi to SR-88 (Nash Rd.); turn left and go east 2.0 mi to
        Laleure Vineyards (18), 17335 Nash Rd.
        Total: 24.6 mi.

  18.	From Laleure Vineyards: continue east on SR-88 0.7 mi to CR-206 (Old State
        Hwy); turn right and go south-east for 4.2 mi and join SR-534 (straight)
        for 0.4 mi; bear left, continue on CR-206 for 2.5 mi and join SR-305 for
        1.3 mi, continue on CR-206 for 3.0 mi to SR-45; right on SR-45 for 0.5
        mi to SR-5 (SR-82); left (east) for 3.5 mi and exit onto Elm Rd.; turn
        left and go 0.7 mi to N River Rd; turn left (east) and go 1.6 mi to
        Cicero Winery (19), 4248 N River Rd.
        Total: 18.4 mi.

  19.	From Cicero Winery: continue east on N River Rd 0.5 mi to SR-46; turn left
        (north) on SR-46 13.8 mi to SR-87; turn left and go west 6.3 mi to SR-45;
        turn right and go north 0.6 mi to DeLuca Vineyards (20), 8954 SR-45.
        Total: 21.2 mi.

  20.	From DeLuca Vineyards: continue north on SR-45 4.7 mi to US-322; turn left
        and go 3.4 mi to SR-534; turn right and head north 16.8 mi to I-90
        Geneva Exit; left onto I-90 west and 5.3 mi to Exit #212 Madison (End).
        Total:  30.2 mi.