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"So you want to bring a group to our winery"...    A simple Q & A

Old Firehouse Winery
Old Firehouse Winery
Old Firehouse Winery
Old Firehouse Winery
Old Firehouse Winery
Old Firehouse Winery

Q: We want to bring a group down to the winery. Do you do groups?
A: We sure do. Lots of them. We consider a group anything with 20 or more guests, and we have served upwards of 500 guests. We average over 80 groups annually.

Q: What kind of groups?
A: We do anniversaries, weddings, motor coaches, progressive wine tours, family reunions, wakes, political fundraisers, high school reunions, retirement parties, groom's dinners, wedding rehearsal dinners, going away parties, birthdays, corporate get-togethers, bridal or baby showers; you name it, we can do it.

Q: You sound pretty knowledgeable and experienced. Can you help us a bit?
A: Sure! We can assist on your menu, beverage selections, wording on invitations, maps so your guests can find us; we can even book in special music for your event. And if you don't like our facility, we'll help you find something else in the area.

Q: What does it cost for me to bring a group?
A: Nothing! Really! Well, you do have to pay for the food and beverages, but we don't have any rental, clean up, or "reservation" charges. But more on the food and beverage options later.

Q: When do most of your groups visit?
A: Most of our groups visit us from May 1 to October 15, although we can serve smaller groups (up to 100) October 15 to May 1.

Q: What do you offer for facilities?
A: Most of our group facilities are outside and under cover. Our gazebo is perfect for smaller groups from 20- 35. If you need a larger area, we have the "Side Deck", which holds up to 100 guests. Our party tent holds a little more, and is great for high school reunions and other similar functions. Our fourth area, most private area is the enclosed upper deck area the Sunset Room, good for groups of 20. We also have the "Oak Room Lounge" at the east end of our facility, which is done in "Old World" style and seats up to 100. It has a full liquor license available in addition to our beer and wine.

Q: Can we see Lake Erie from all these locations?
A: Yes, except for the Oak Room, which is entirely inside.

Q: Hey, we have 250 people and we want to be together. How do you do that?
A: We can put you all together, but not everyone will be under a tent or "rain proofed", which really hasn't been a problem. We can "rain proof" your event in case of a monsoon; the neighboring "Oak Room Lounge" is usually available for groups that have a food menu, and there is no additional charge for that.

Q: You mentioned wedding receptions. Can we get married there, too?
A: Sure! We have had many receptions and three actual weddings here. While all three weddings occurred in the gazebo, we have a small beach on Lake Erie for a unique backdrop. There is an "on-site wedding charge" of $150.00 if you have the wedding with us in addition to just the reception.

Q: What kind of tables and chairs do you have? We don't want to sit on picnic tables.
A: The only place we have picnic tables is on the main patio in front of our entertainment stage, and we don't put groups there. All three covered group areas have green plastic tables and chairs, lending their comfort and charm to our "alfresco" theme. The "Sunset Room" has tall tables and chairs. The Oak Room chairs and tables are solid oak and mahogany.

Q: You do food too?
A: What's a party without food? We have a full service restaurant on site, and we serve groups year round with just about any menu you can imagine. We have four pre-designed group menus available: #1-Group menus: (Dinners, Desserts, and Appetizers); #2- Lunch Menu; #3- Wedding Menus; #4-Wine tasting &tour information; and #5- Motor Coach Menus. Just specify and we will provide those to you. If you don't see something you like, our group sales department can put something together just for you!

Q: What about beverages?
A: We have over 20 varieties of wine, and Bud Light beer on tap. We also have Pink Smashes (pitchers of wine coolers), coffee, soda pop, grape juice, no-alcohol beer, Champagne, and bottled water.

Q: What about entertainment?
A: We have entertainment scheduled Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in May and September, and seven nights (yes, every night!) from Memorial Day to Labor Day. If you want to book a group for an afternoon or a rare night without entertainment, we can bring in live music for your group at a very reasonable cost.

Q: We're just having everyone come down for our 20th High School reunion and getting together for some conversation and some beverages. We really don't want a "group food menu". How does that work?
A: Really well, actually. Seriously, that's how most of the Friday night "Informal" pre-reunions are handled. You just need to book in advance with us, and we'll reserve an area for you to be together.

Q: Can we bring our own food or beverages?
A: We're afraid not. Our insurance doesn't allow outside food to be brought in, and Ohio alcohol-bev laws prohibit bringing in outside alcohol. We can get you the information on area party centers if that's something you want to do.

Q: We are looking to book NOW for NEXT year. What if you have a price increase?
A: If you confirm a date and menu now with the $150.00 deposit, we will hold ALL prices (wine, beer, group menu food, etc.) at the prices in effect when we receive the deposit. That guarantees the exact price!

Q: I'm ready to book! Who do I call?
A: Just give us a call at 1-800-UNCORK-1 and ask for Group Sales. We are there to answer your questions and confirm your group. After you're confirmed, you get a letter with all the pertinent information so you never have confusion. Leave all the hassles for us!